Eltorito offers an independent project management service to ensure that resources are adequately appropriated to achieve a project outcome - on time and in budget. With experience running projects, teams, cross-functional groups within and across organisations, and across geographies, Eltorito has experience to draw on to manage and deliver the outcome you require.

Planning & Timeline Management

The old adage ‘measure twice, cut once’ takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to project management. With many stakeholders involved, clearly defining the scope, expectations, deliverables, timelines and responsibilities to all parties will be pivotal to the success of a project.  Eltorito can work with you to map out your project in a logical way in line with your business strategy, identifying key milestones and timeframes to enable a successful outcome. 

Cost Management

Key to the successful delivery of a project is keeping a close eye on project costs. It is easy to get caught up in the momentum and challenges of a project, and while sometimes the end can seem far away, over-spend up front can be the difference between being within budget, or having to make compromises down the track. Eltorito’s project management service includes regular monitoring and tracking of spending to ensure that there are no surprises.  

Delivery and Reporting

Having a plan is one thing, communicating and executing it successfully is another. Core to Eltorito’s offering is ensuring that all stakeholders understand their responsibilities and that milestones are being ticked off on time and in budget.  Eltorito can tailor reporting intervals to meet your internal checks and controls. We are also able to lead a project review workshop with your project team and stakeholders to ensure that key learnings are taken away from the project. On top of this, if required we can provide a full project report, including analysis of budgeted resource vs actual spent as well as an assessment of KPI delivery.