The ability to mitigate or eliminate risk provides assurances that your business can achieve sustainability, whether this be from economic or environmental factors, internal or external, within or beyond your control.

Eltorito offers risk tools that encourage an organisation to formalise its risk management strategies allowing you to mitigate the downside of risk and in some instances further optimise your operation.

Internal Controls

Eltorito’s consultants are skilled in developing policies and procedures to ensure that you have a sufficient level of control over your business - without introducing unwanted and unnecessary bureaucracy.  From eliminating fraudulent activity to establishing clear delegated authority boundaries, protecting your business’ assets or simply helping you to document a ‘what if’ plan to ensure knowledge transfer.

Risk Assessment

We are also experienced in compiling an overarching Risk Register for your business.  Through this process potential sources of risk are first identified then prioritised, and action plans implemented to mitigate or eliminate that risk.  The Risk Register is a dynamic tool that documents a particular risk and the actions/events relating to it over time; creating a track-record of your business’ risk performance and its level of proactiveness.  The real value lies in preventing or reducing the occurrence of negative shock events.


The reality for all industries is that today’s operators are facing an ever-increasing requirement to lift the bar for all things ‘compliance’.  This is often related to the appropriate management of business resources including human resources (as well as their safety and wellbeing) and natural assets (such as land and water), coupled with the impact of any by-product on these assets.  We work with organisations to develop and formalise compliance management strategies and processes that are industry specific; providing your business the tools to meet industry standards, demonstrate corporate social responsibility, and should you wish,  to become a genuine industry-leader.