Muster: farm reporting made easy
News - 30 Aug 2018

Trev: your trusty farm reporting mate

Data is most powerful when your whole business can access it. That’s why we’ve built Trev - an online tool that enables your team to complete their weekly farm reporting in less than 10 minutes. Developed with the farmer firmly in mind, and in collaboration with some of the best in the industry, this software works regardless of which rural service providers you do business with.


Getting the lay of the land.

Working closely with corporate farming operators over the years we've found a couple of common challenges preventing a streamlined flow of information:

   > Capturing accurate and timely information

   > Presenting data to form an overall picture of what’s happening on farm

   > Having complete control and ownership of that data

In essence, a simple solution was required to transfer on-farm information across the operation with no strings attached. This would give stakeholders a clear picture of what was happening at any one time - be it for reporting to internal management, shareholders and bankers, or benchmarking exercises within the team to measure performance.


Meet Trev

At the start of this season phase one of Trev was released - a data capture portal for farm staff to enter on-the-ground operational information. They can do this via desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device with no software downloads needed.

We currently have 80 farms onboard and 150 users logging in on a weekly basis. Requiring only a web browser and internet connection users typically enter details on a weekly reporting cycle that automatically feed through to the office. Information is collated on a range of topics such as pasture cover, supplement input, cow condition, milk production and compliance to provide oversight of farming KPIs.

Over time, a farm intelligence database is built up allowing stakeholders to:

   > Identify areas of over/under performance

   > Monitor trends such as how body condition score is tracking or where production is against budget

   > Identify outliers within a group of operating units

   > Establish communication lines to document compliance related tasks

   > Provide stakeholders with regular, consistent and familiar reports that instil confidence


What's next?

We’re on the cusp of rolling out phase two of Trev which will see a series of reports and dashboards that automatically generate. These customisable single farm reports and multi-farm dashboards will enable stakeholders to assess general performance and highlight areas of attention across an operation:

   > Look at trends across a month for an individual farm, as well as month-end commentary

   > Delve deeper into specific areas of focus on a farm such as calving and mating progress, milk performance and benchmark against previous months and budgets

   > Get a handle on compliance matters by generating traffic light dashboards to highlight areas of attention - allowing you to take action before something gets out of hand

   > Create a report that combines multiple farms together to assess performance at a hub, region or company-wide level

   > Select farms to compare against one and other and easily identify performance outliers

   > Generate a list of repairs and maintenance tasks.

These output reports can be generated for farm managers, farm supervisors, senior management, board and board sub-committees, as well as external third parties.


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